The NHL Stanley Cup odds

Towards the end of 2021, the National Hockey League suspended some matches due to the rapid rise of the Covid-19 Omicron variant. The league resumed at the beginning of 2022, and fans do not expect any cancellations in the near future. However, players uphold strict protocols to avoid spreading the virus, and in some cases, they might play in empty arenas.

The League schedule continuation is good news to bettors since they can now wager on multiple matches and win big prizes. Some high-performing teams include The Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Carolina Hurricanes, and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Betting on these four teams is less risky since each of them has a high chance of winning the NHL trophy. However, many punters might avoid betting on Red Wings and the Ducks as the two teams are facing defensive struggles. Here is an overview of NHL teams and odds, that could win the title.

NHL Eastern Conference Contenders


1 – Florida Panthers
Towards the end of January 2022, Florida Panthers are on top of the Atlantic standings. The team can become the new champions if they continue with their winning streak. However, the team needs to reach the playoff stage to attract more punters.

2 – Tampa Bay Lightning

The 2020 champions are still the favorite team to win the cup. Tampa Bay is a strong team, and many punters are wagering on it since it has good odds. However, bet responsibly to avoid unnecessary losses if things don’t go your way.

3 – Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto is one of the NHL teams with solid defenses. For that reason, the team has conceded fewer goals than most contenders, and its fans are optimistic that it can win the title. However, Toronto is still in third place in terms of cup odds.

4 – Boston Bruins

Boston’s odds to win the Stanley cup are at +2000. Although many supporters are disappointed with the team’s performance, it is still a strong contender.


1 – New York Rangers

The team has shown exceptional performance in January 2022. Although their current 2022 Stanley Cup odds are still at +2500, the team has a high chance of reaching the playoffs. Further, the team has experienced players such as Artemi Panarin, who boasts 11 goals and 32 assists.

2 – Pittsburgh Penguins

With the help of Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby, the team has seen a winning streak in January. However, many players are facing injuries, but we can’t know what the future holds. As a better, you should set betting limits if the team fails to keep up with the Rangers.

3 – Carolina Hurricanes

The team started the NHL season with nine straight wins, leading the table. At the moment, its odds are at +1000, but they might rise to above +2000 if the team continues to lose points.

4 – Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals has attractive odds since many bettors believe in the team. Unlike other competitors, it has some of the best players in NHL, including Alex Ovechkin. However, PPH bookie agents might change the odds as the team sees more action.

NHL Western Conference Contenders


1 – Colorado Avalanche

The team has enough talent to hoist the 2022 cup. It is the bettors’ favorite since it started the postseason with wins. Therefore, you can consider setting your maximum wagering limits.

2 – Nashville Predators

The Predators have won the Stanley cup several times. Although they have a chance of winning the 2022 trophy, their sportsbook odds are not lucrative. Therefore, set limits while wagering.

3 – St. Louis Blues

St. Louis won the cup in 2019, and the team’s performance shows that it is eying the 2022 trophy. The odds of winning the 2022 cup might change with time due to the tight competition. Therefore, visit your favorite sportsbook for odds updates.

4 – Minnesota Wild

Minnesota was preseason’s favorite to win the cup. At the beginning of 2022, the team is in fourth place with odds above +1100. Therefore, PPH sports agents might increase the odds as we move closer to the end of the season.


1 – Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas dominated the pacific in the preseason, and it continues to top the NHL standings as of January 27. The team has excellent players, the likes of Alex Pietrangelo, a talented defender with over 22 points. If you want to bet, note that the odds favor the Vegas Knights to win the trophy.

2 – Anaheim Ducks

The PayPerHead odds place the team in the second-best choice for most bettors. The team needs to maintain its winning streak to keep up with the Vegas Knights.

3 – Los Angeles Kings

Betting software agents are keenly monitoring the team's performance because it has started the postseason with straight wins. Los Angeles can lead the table and win the NHL cup if it stops conceding goals.

4 – Calgary Flames

Although Calgary Flames have not won the Stanly Cup since 1989, they have a stronger team than most opponents. The team is among the top contenders in the league, and you can try your luck.


To sum up, there is stiff competition in the NHL league since several teams have enough talent to hoist the cup. However, the standings might change in the postseason due to injuries and the impact of the pandemic on players. If you want to wager on NHL games, consider using a pay-per-head bookmaker to get better odds and improve your betting experience.