The Oldest Football Stadiums

Today we are going to visit the oldest football fields in the world and see how things are with beer and sausages in the Czech Republic and Germany. And so that the atmospheric stories are not forgotten, you can remind yourself all the time about the adrenaline at Woo Casino.

During our childhood, the football stadium was not that necessary. We needed a ball and flat surface, where we mark the borders and football gates with rocks or bags or anything we could find around. But some stadiums have an amazingly long history. They are not used by pros today though they bring lots of fun for locals.

Sheffield, England

We are in Sheffield where the local Hallam FC is playing at the old-school Sandygate Road stadium, officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the “oldest football field in the world”.

The first-ever challenge match took place against Sheffield on Boxing Day 1860 at Sandygate Road. They say that the first half was played according to rugby rules, and the second half was according to football rules. In 1867, Hallam won the Youdan Cup, named after local football fan Thomas Youdan. It is believed to be the first cup competition and the oldest football trophy in the world.

Although lost for several years, in 1997 the silver trophy resurfaced from a Scottish antique dealer who sold it back to the club for £2,000. The Cup was valued at £100,000 in 2014, but club chairman Chris Taylor stated that the club had no plans to sell the trophy.

We won’t go into too much depth, if you’re interested, google it, but I will say that Sheffield's rules have had a great influence on the development of modern football. Among other things, they introduced the concepts of corner kicks and free kicks for fouls.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Lichtenberg district has a very atmospheric Hans Schalke stadium. In front of the entrance is a statue of fan favorite Tim Schrekenbach.

It was built between 1949 and 1952 and named after the sportsman and anti-Hitler resistance fighter Hans
Soschke. He was executed in 1944. The capacity of the arena is 9,900 open seats, of which about 900 are seated, a public address system, and a scoreboard.

Inside there is everything exactly that we love about this city. There are beer, techno, and a very different audience fanatically in love with football. A good choice to visit!

Brno, Czech Republic

Brno is one of the oldest Czech cities located in the southeast of the country. It is second in size and importance in the state after Prague. Brno is located in a hilly area where the rivers Svitava and Svratka merge together. This is the historical region of Moravia, which impresses with its picturesque nature.

There is a local football club named FC Dosta Bystrc-Kninichky. The capacity of the stadium is 2500 spectators. Do you smell that aroma of grilled homemade sausages? At the stadium, you can fill up with beer from the local Starobrno brewery, which proudly claims to brew “beer with a Moravian heart”. For many Czechs and beer lovers from other countries, it is Starobrno that is a symbol of the skill of Moravian brewers.