The Rise of Alternative Sports Games on Online Casinos

There was a time when those who enjoyed gambling on sports would have to check in at their local bookie to get their fix of excitement and the chance to win a few bucks. However, times are very different now, and for the better, when we consider the huge variety of gambling options available to those who love sports.

Whether you are looking to place a wager on your favourite online sportsbook, spin the reels on an exciting sports-themed slot, or even take a plunge on a sports-inspired bingo game – the opportunities are endless. This post dives into the evolution of sports games within online casinos and highlights some of the most popular game variations available right now.

How Sports Games have Evolved

With the help of technological advancements, the gambling industry has developed in a variety of ways, including in the sports games it is able to offer. While sports have always been widely followed, there has not always been a wide range of sports-related games available in the online casino industry that fans can enjoy. However, far more options are available now, and this number continues to grow.

Online casino players are always looking for exciting new additions to their favourite platforms to keep them entertained. Due to this, casino operators are obliged to fulfil these needs if they intend to retain their customers and attract new ones. So while horse racing and football-themed games have dominated online casino libraries, new alternative ideas are beginning to feature. Design Works Gaming’s Lucky Tap series is a perfect example of new alternative sports-themed games that have made their way onto online casinos.

Although more alternative sports games are making it into online casinos, you can still find plenty of traditional sport-themed titles. For example, Leap Gaming has a portfolio of games that take inspiration from common betting sports, like football and greyhounds, and some more unique editions, such as Nascar. Another new feature we are beginning to see is sports games that have scheduled themes. This means players can enjoy games with special limited-time themes taken from some of the biggest events in the sports world, like the FIFA World Cup and horse racing festivals.

New Online Sports-Inspired Games

As we have discussed, new games are constantly appearing in online casinos and will continue to do so to appeal to new customers and to keep existing players entertained. In addition to game developers taking inspiration from alternative sports, there is a wider variety of game types available too. Below we highlight some of the most played and newest alternative sports games available.

Sports-Themed Slots

Some of the most widely available games that take inspiration from sports and sports people are online slots. Sports-themed slots have been in action for a long time, and some of the biggest software developers have jumped on the bandwagon to produce exciting titles. Inspiration has not always come from the sport itself but also from those who have competed in the sport. For example, horse racing legend Frankie Dettori landed the main role on Playtech’s popular Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Jackpot slot title.


Slingo is an online game that combines features displayed in both slot and bingo games and has been around since 1996. Although not a new type of game, new Slingo titles with sports themes are emerging. Sports fans and, more specifically, football fans can enjoy Slingoooal, a football-themed Slingo game.

Sports Bingo Games

Bingo is and has always been a popular game in the gambling industry and can easily take on a variety of themes. While themes do not always have the largest impact on the gameplay of bingo games, they do add an extra sense of immersion for those who are fans of the theme. Since both bingo and sports are incredibly popular in their relevant industries, the combination of the two can be found taking place more regularly at online casinos looking to attract new types of players.

The Future of Alternative Sports Games on Online Casinos

Sports will always be an easy and successful theme for online casinos to integrate with various games. The vast range of available sports, sporting events and sports people involved gives software developers and online casinos an endless source of possibilities. Due to this, we can expect to see a lot more sports-themed games enter online casinos, as well as new alternative editions to provide attraction to new types of players.