The Rise of Live Technology and the Software that Embodies it

There is no doubt about it; the rise of real-time or live technology is impacting almost every area of our lives. In conjunction with the sophistication of smartphone technology, today’s generation of citizens can now shop, work and enjoy their favourite recreational activities in real-time and through a remote communication network.

To understand this further, it is important to consider the primary live technology applications and the role that they play in contemporary life. Here are five popular examples from the last five years:

The rise of real-time Publishing

Real-time publishing is one of the best and longest-standing application of real-time technology, and one that has driven an increase in user engagement across a host of markets. From social media sites and blogging platforms to the content aggregation websites such as, the publication of breaking news stories and live information has changed the way in which we absorb and process data and consume content.

Live Streaming

Next we come to live streaming, which is one of the world’s most significant growth markets and one that includes the sharing of television programming and real-time events. Alongside market leaders such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, independent television stations such as MTV have also taken to streaming live events to a global network of viewers.

Twitch and the rise of Live Gaming

The same technology has also impacted on the world of gaming, where fluid mobile and online titles continue to grow exponentially and at the expense of traditional console platforms. Platforms such as Twitch have provided a platform for the evolution of gaming, emerging as the leading video resource and community for players and heralding the dawn of live broadcasting. Members can broadcast their gameplay live to others, for example, while also educating others, viewing alternative clips and chatting with fellow Twitch users.

The age of the Live Casino

Online casino gameplay has driven growth in the gaming sector in recent times, with this market alone now worth in excess of £41 billion worldwide. The emergence of live online casinos USA gameplay has played a pivotal role in this, offering players access to games such as roulette, blackjack and poker in an increasingly authentic way.

Live casino games like machines a sous happen in real time 24/7, it has also created a unique opportunity for remote live tournaments, offering yet another compelling reason for traditional gamblers to make the transition online.

The real-time engagement of customers

One of the earliest examples of real-time technology came with the XMPP system Olark, which places a live chat window on top of any published web page and opens up avenues of instant communication with customers. This software emerged before social media evolved into a business tool, and it has continued to prosper to this very day. Whether you need to answer an urgent customer query or engage consumers in a bid to up-sell products, this tool enables live interaction and captures individuals in emotive and impactful communication.