The Weirdest Prop Bets on the NFL

The NFL is the most popular sport in the US, with millions of fans who either flock to stadiums to watch the game or grab a bag of chips and a six-pack to watch the game on TV. It gets even crazier in February because of the NFL’s crown jewel, the Super Bowl.

Other than the eagerly awaited game between the two best teams, many crazy things happen during the Super Bowl. First, Super Bowl ads are something to look forward to; they are expensive, creative, and downright hilarious. The other exciting thing about the Super Bowl is the weird prop bets that you can place.

Yes, you can still bet on regular bets such as touchdowns and the number of yards gained, but prop bets are funny and unrelated bets that can give you some thrill. You can bet on the time taken to sing the national anthem, halftime performances, or wardrobe malfunctions. The best USA sportsbooks will tempt you more with their enticing odds, which are irresistible. So, here are our top weirdest prop bets that you can have some fun with.

Which Coach Will Expose The Nose First?

Just by saying it out loud, you can already hear it sounds crazy, but it’s a valid bet that you can place. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, coaches must wear masks, but some can’t help it, and shortly after, the nostrils will start to show. So, yes, you can bet on which coach will expose their nose first and get some good money while at it.

What Colour of Liquid Will Be Poured On The Coach?

The Super Bowl championship is full of emotions from both players and fans. It’s a tense game, so when the final whistle blows, the winning team can’t hide their excitement and head over to celebrate the victory with their coach. Some throw their coach up and down, while some take it a notch higher and pour a drink on their coach.

In the 2020 Super Bowl championship, The Chiefs poured an orange Gatorade drink on their coach. Every year bookies have a bet for punters to choose which color the liquid will be. Will it be green, yellow, red, blue, or orange?

Will The National Anthem Go Over or Under The Stated Time?

Before the game begins, a guest artist sings the national anthem as indicated in the program. However, sportsbooks added a little spin to it, and now you can bet on whether the performance will go over or under the stated time. Betting on the national anthem has become one of those prop bets that won’t miss every year.

Will There Be A Wardrobe Malfunction?

The Super Bowl always has a halftime show, where a famous musician/artist performs and entertains the crowd. However, sometimes let's say that the outfit ends up being the day's talk more than the performance. In the 2004 Super Bowl, Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction which surprised many fans. Ever since then, bookies offer a wardrobe malfunction bet option. The odds are usually high, so if you are lucky to land a win, you'll get good money.

Will A Fan Run Onto The Field During The Game?

It might sound crazy to you, but it happens that once in a while, a fan will have a little too much to drink and try something crazy like this. The fan will jump right from the stands and onto the field to do something mad like hugging their favorite player or just run across the area. As much as it's entertaining, security will kick off the fan immediately. Every year you can bet whether such an unexpected thing is likely to happen.

Will A Player Propose To His Girlfriend After The Game?

Some players use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to confess their love in front of thousands and millions of people by proposing to their girlfriends. Greg Jones once did it with the New York Giants, so it's not a hypothetical bet. It's a kind of insane experience, primarily because of the big crowd, but oh well, if your gut tells you it might happen, then do it. All we are saying is that it's not impossible.

Will A Player Exit The Game Because Of A Concussion?

This bet option might come off as a bit crass or insensitive, but we are talking about the weirdest bets you can place. Even though concussions have reduced over the years, there are still a few instances here and there. Concussions remain a part of the game, and bookies decided to offer it as a bet option. After you place such a bet, don't forget to wish the injured player Godspeed at least.

What Will Your Next Weird NFL Prop Bet Be?

Well, there you have it, the craziest prop bets you can place that will earn you some good cash as well as a good laugh, except the last bet, of course. Next time you watch an NFL game, have some fun by betting on prop bets, and if you win, that will be one hell of a story to give.

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