Top 8 Unforgettable NFL Moments Of All Time

Which Of These NFL Moments Stand Out The Most For You?

This is the worst part of the year if you are an NFL fan. There is no football on but the news is full of predictions about how Drafted players are going to affect the next season. #

We thought we'd give you a break from that today, and talk about some of the most unforgettable moments in NFL history.

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#8 – The Perfect Season

No one thought it could ever be done, it may never be done again…

1972 saw the Miami Dolphins produce the perfect season. They won all 14 of their regular season games, all three playoff matches, and they won the Super Bowl.

No one has come close to doing this in the 50 years since their achievement.

However, the rumors about the surviving members of the dream drinking champagne every time the current Dolphins lose a match are not true.

#7 – The Blackout

At Super Bowl XLVII – also known as the Brother Bowl – we saw a few things happen for the first time.

Firstly, both coaches were from the same family, in fact, they were brothers – Jim and John Harbaugh. Their cousin Jay was also on the coaching staff for the Ravens.

Secondly, there was a power cut in the middle of the match. The outage lasted for 22 minutes and the game had to be paused 34 minutes into play.

There is still no clear consensus on why the power went out that night.

#6 – Deflate Gate

This is not the happiest moment in NFL history but it is one of the most memorable thanks to the amount of controversy it caused.

In the AFC Finals, Tom Brady was accused of ordering that the New England Patriots used deflated balls. It was said they did this because deflated balls were easier to throw and catch.

They were playing in this match against the Colts and the Patriots won.

Brady and the Patriots were found guilty, they were fined and Brady was suspended for multiple matches.

#5 – Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl XLIII was held between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is still widely regarded as one of the best Super Bowls of all time.

One of the things that made this such a good game was the fact that the Cardinals were complete underdogs. Everyone thought that Kurt Warner was a washed-up has-been. However, they made a blistering run through the playoffs.

The Steelers did walkway with the prize – after an amazing catch from Santonio Holmes in the back corner. We still don't quite understand how he managed to keep himself in bounds.

#4 – 7th Super Bowl Win

After Tom Brady left the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – most pundits were saying that his career was over. Brady clapped back and said that he would win a 7th Championship Ring.

Of course, he went on to do that and shocked everyone.

Brady is now the most decorated player of all time and he proved with that victory that he was more than just a lucky cog in the Patriots Machine.

Tom Brady winning the 2021 Super Bowl will be remembered as long as we play football.

#3 – Bengals In Overtime

This is a more recent moment that we are sure people will be talking about for years.

Winning a game in overtime is not that spectacular. It happens all the time. What makes this moment so special, however, is the context.

Everyone thought the Bengals had outdone themselves to make it to the Playoffs, they then went on to make it to the NFC finals.

Joe Burrows and co then went on to outsmart the Chiefs – helmed by Patrick Mahomes – who were the bookies' favorite to take home the Super Bowl that year.

Did we mention that this was only Burrow's second year in the NFL? Incredible stuff.

#2 – The Helmet Catch

This catch caused the biggest upset in Playoff history (before 2022 maybe…)

Eli Manning threw the ball down the field, and David Tyree rose up to catch it. His teammate, Rodney Harrison pinned the ball to his helmet.

The ball, Tyree, and Harrison all landed in bounds, scored the touchdown and the Giants knocked out the Patriots. David beat Goliath.

#1 – Matthew Stafford Wins Super Bowl

This is another recent moment that we think will go down in history.

Stafford spent 11 years as quarterback for arguably the worst team in the league – sorry Lions fans.

If we had told you that the season he left the Lion, he would not only take his new team to the playoffs but he would win the Super Bowl.

There are many sports commentators, writers, and fans that owe Matthew Stafford an apology. This year, he proved to us that not only do the problems at the Lions go much deeper than him, but that he is a world-class player and that he is more than capable of making history.