Top CSGO Betting Wins in Esport History

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CSGO is one of the leading eSports titles in the gaming world. Over the years, it has grown exponentially, bringing on board hoards of zealous gamers and bettors who have made huge profits from the game. Over the years, there have been total winnings of over $81 million.

Each year, Valve Major attracts some leading CSGO players who compete for a prize pool of $1 million each. Besides, there are various third-party events around the globe where organizers put up varying amounts for grabs. Some of the popular ones include the ESL, BLAST Pro series, DreamHack, and StarLadder.

Here are some of the top wins in the game.

Fernando Fer Alvarenga: $977,0202.54

Fernado Alvarenga belongs to the Team MIBR. He has been key to their winnings from 2016. Fernando is known for his progressive gameplay, which is also a high-risk, high rewards play style. Despite the risk, he is able to come up with a great performance that puts him closer to the win to the point that he has earned the name ferGold. Over time, he has won a whopping $977,020.54 for his MIBR team and continued to shine in various events.

Marcelo ‘Coldzera' David: $981,981.46

Marcelo's peak period was the 2016-17 period. However, he has continued to be in the limelight among the top CS: GO players. Coldzera had been part of the MIBR team a while back. However, they parted ways, and he joined the Fallen and worked with other rosters such as SK Gaming and Luminosity Gaming.

In 2016, the Brazilian player won the MLG Columbus Major while working with Luminosity and later ESL One Cologne under SK Gaming. He also won a quad kill in a tough match against Team Liquid, leading to an award for his graffiti on the map by Valve.

Gabriel ‘Fallen' Taledo: $982,920.54

Taledo is the godfather of Counterstrike in Brazil for a good reason. He has been instrumental to the growth of the sport locally through his Games Academy. The organization has been scouting for young talent in the region.

Gabriel is known for his high-risk gameplay and has made some of the famous close-range shots. While serving as the captain of Fallen, his decisions have had a positive impact on the team's performance. His team even dominated the sport for two years in a row. Taledo has made a whopping $982,920.54 for his team.

Epitácio ‘TACO' de Melo $986,839.89

Most popular free CSGO betting sites have given good odds on Taco, the highest-grossing player in Brazil. In the same line, players have enjoyed great wins for predicting his win in various competitions. Taco plays with Team Liquid, although he has worked with MIBR in the past. His big break came in 2016 when he beat his opponents and earned SK Gaming some dominance.

Tao is not as flashy as other players on the list. However, he has superb energy and focus, enabling eSports gamers to increase their chances of winning every time he takes to the stage.

Jakey Yip: $1,039,140.00

Jakey is one of the leading North American CS GO players of all time. He has pretty amazing skill, which has propelled him to victory with his team, the Cloud 9. CS GO bettors love to bet on him for his ability to get players off-guard, making him rake over one million dollars for the period he has been a professional player.

The player has worked with several winning teams, including the MIBR, Team Liquid, and Stewie2k. It is at the Stewie2k that he has really shone to the world around him. Punters continue to follow him for a win at many betting sites.

Emil Magisk Reif $1,344,181.97

Emil found himself with the Magisk after a decision was made to move Kjaerbye to North Gaming. From then, most of the punters have been enjoying astronomical wins from the player as he continues to beat rivals in every available opportunity. Emil is one of the leading Danish punters and players who have left a mark in the industry.

Soon after joining Magisk, the layer went ahead and won $1 million in the Intel Grand Slam, an equivalent of the NFL Super Bowl. He has amazing skill and confidence, which endears him to do some risky moves. Fortunately, these moves come with good payouts in various events.

Nicolai ‘dev1ce' Reedtz: $1,715,223.21

When it comes to focus, energy, and skill, Nicolai makes one of the leading players worldwide. He has learned to used the AWP and rifle to draw huge amounts from CSGO competitions. His use of AWP to position guns during competitions has enhanced his aggressiveness, with his team propelling him to influential positions. Unlike many other players on this list, Nicolai has stuck with his team for nearly a decade. Punters around the globe enjoy almost certain wins in the competitions he participates. Indeed, the future looks bright for Nicolai.

Andreas ‘Xyp9x' Højsleth: $1,753,921.90

Andres is the highest-winning CS GO player of all time. He is part of the trio boy team, Astralis. Despite being less flashy than most of his teammates, his contribution to the team's success makes him one of the most important members. Andrea has a nick for making some of the best skills. Although many are high-risk ones, they have led to some of the highest wins. Over the years, Andreas has made his team a little short of $2 million. He still has the stamina and mental energy to make more.

CS GO has continued to rake in millions for both the players and punters. Some of the leading gambling platforms have seen gamblers win life-changing amounts by wagering on the results of competitions or some of the players discussed above. Others make cash from mastering the CS GO roulette. The above lists include some of the highest wins from the game. A lot more medium wins take place in third-party events and gaming circuits.