Top Slots by Yggdrasil

If you have been playing online slots for a while, you may start to recognise a few of the names of the developers. Some of these developers are incredibly popular and are well known among the slot community, other developers are less well known – try Shamans Dream Slot.

Yggdrasil is a popular developer who has made some of the most exciting slot games over the past few years, it may surprise you to know that despite their massive output Yggdrasil are considered one of the small developers! Below is everything you need to know about this popular developer, from Yggdrasil’s history to their most popular slots!

Who are Yggdrasil

If you haven't guessed from the name, Yggdrasil is originally from Europe. It’s name is taken from ancient norse mythology, Yggdrasil means the tree of life. In the mythology the tree of life would extend it’s branches out to the nine realms whilst firmly planting it’s three roots in Asgard, Nifelheim and Jotunheim. A depiction of this tree is used as a logo for Yggdrasil gaming. The slogan is superior gaming, something that may seem a little pretentious at first. However when you look at the impressive catalogue of slots that Yggdrasil have released, you’ll see that this is a title which was earned. While it gets its name from Norse mythology, the similarities end there as Yggdrasil has developed slots from all sorts of backgrounds and themes. Yggdrasil have managed to cut an impressive slice of the market share in their favour by focusing on creating slots which have innovative features and visually stunning graphics, they more than deliver on their slogan.

Best Slots by Yggdrasil

Jungle Books

This is the quintessential Yggdrasil slot to play, it has everything that players have come to expect from the developer. It features similar iconography to the classic animation by Disney but is distinct enough to have a different feel, the graphics in particular make sure to set this apart from other works. The slot also has innovative features which players can enjoy, there is the spreading wilds feature, stacked symbols and there are even synced reels which keep the action following!

Spina Colada

This slot helps to show the range of Yggdrasil, fruit themed slots are some of the most popular slots that players enjoy no matter what time of the year it is. There is something about the bright colours and fun gameplay which provide players with an utterly refreshing experience. Yggdrasil has managed to capture what makes a fruit themed slot enjoyable with Spina Colada whilst also making sure that the slot feels distinctly like a Yggdrasil. You can expect all the familiar tropes of fruit slots mixed with amazing graphics and features such as free spins and wilds. Certain symbols will freeze whenever the player lands a winning combo, ensuring the fun will keep on happening.


Yggdrasil has produced some of the most popular slots over the past few years, thanks to their focus on having amazing graphics and innovative features. Their slots continue to be memorable in a time where hundreds of slots are released.