We Never Thought Times Likes this Would Come

Times are changing, we have to accept it, embrace it, and confront the change head-on. Bookies are in a battle to stay afloat amid the COVID crisis. Not all is lost! The fact of the matter is this; sports are making a slow comeback and before too long, they will all be back. What you must do right now, is to make the most of what your pay per head is offering. If you are not with a pay per head. Then now is the time to get on this horse and ride it! Here is why…

· E-Sports are huge, and they are winning! They have taken off like never before and bookies are making a killing right now. Find a pay per head and get online right now. You can’t afford to wait. Your clients are not accustomed to you having an online presence and one has to ask, how is this working out for you now? We know the answer; “not good”.

· The Casino: It’s a cash cow! It has always been a cash cow and it carries any bookie during difficult times. The sportsbook business is marginal even in the best of times. Players are smart nowadays and they know how to beat the bookie. They come loaded with information and they can find ways to beat you. They do this for a living and often, it can be devastating. This is why bookies don’t last too long. They realize that their clients are either beating them or staying close to them. The sportsbook caries razor-thin margins. The casino is the opposite. This is one example and a true example of how “the house always wins”. Players love to quote this, and we know it’s not true, however, we know it to true in the casino.

· It’s impossible to operate a casino as a local bookie. Unless you open an independent website. Starting a bookie website is not easy. You had better know what you are doing, and you had better have deep pockets. To start a website for bookies, you will need an expert in the field – you will need an expert in many fields. You will also need at least $5,000 to start with. Unless you are a programmer, know code, you are an experienced site builder, and you know the ends and outs of the bookie business on every level; it would be absurd to launch a website.

· Gamblers are gamblers and it matters not what you offer them to gamble on. If you build it (put it in front of them) they will come. Gamblers are at home right now and they want to gamble, Again, this is what they do. As a local bookie, you have nothing to offer them. What are they doing? They are looking elsewhere. They will look to you if you offer it. They are spending your profits in some other casino because that other casino offers them online access.

· The pay per head industry has been around for more than 20-year and they have perfected their craft. They offer a white glove, three-in-one service that comes loaded with a FREE, custom-built website. The website is state-of-the-art with all of the features that anybody would find on any online gambling site while conducting an organic Google search for “online sportsbooks”. Dial any of those bookmakers up right now and you will see what you can offer your clients.

· Now is the time to stop the bleeding and you can do this affordably. The best PPH providers are now offering a fantastic online sportsbook, a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from North America and across the world, as well as a Las Vegas-style casino, that comes loaded with more than 100-games, all of the hottest slots, and live dealers. You can give Vegas to your clients in a day or two. This is all it takes to get started and have your players playing.

Call the PPH toady and expect to pay around $7-$10 per head, per week. You will be amazed at how your clients will love this and you! There is no excuse to not be earning big profits from gambling revenue, right now.

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