What are the Most Popular Sports Events to Bet on in the USA?

The United States has a passion for sports that few other countries can match. In part, it has to do with the fact that the US is so big, therefore, there are a lot of people with diverse tastes in sports. Of course, when sports get popular, wagering is not far behind.
The US has no shortage of betting sites that help fans get into the game. However, thanks to these online bookies, people from all over the world can follow the latest odds for America’s top sports. In 2024, you can bet online on the NFL, NHL, or NBA, even though you live outside the USA.

As the passion for sports runs so deep in the USA, many wonder, what the most popular events to bet on are. In this article, we will take the time to explore that, while focusing only on the sports aspect. Without further ado, let us delve into the main point.

The Super Bowl

There is no denying that football is America’s favorite sport. The National Football League is, currently, the most profitable sports organization in the USA, and one of the top in the world. Pretty impressive, considering the sport’s lack of any international attention. Though football may not get a lot of viewers outside of the USA, there is one event that brings in viewers.

The Super Bowl is the equivalent to the USA’s World Cup. Regardless whether you are a fan of football or not, you’ve seen at least one Super Bowl. It is a cultural touchstone event, accompanied by a show that is just as iconic as the game itself, and even unique advertisements that, at this point, have become legendary. Naturally, the popularity of the Bowl makes it one of America’s biggest betting events.

The NBA Finals

Basketball may not be the most popular sport in America, but it certainly is the most popular “American” sport. Created in the late 1800s by American-Canadian physician and educator James Naismith, the sport today has over 2 billion fans around the world. It is surpassed only by soccer in terms of sheer popularity.

The National Basketball Association is one of America’s four “major league” sports organizations, and it is the third richest in the country. The NBA finals are watched by Americans, Canadians, and people from all over the world. When the time comes for the game, sportsbooks are flooded by basketball fans, looking to put down a deposit.

The MLB World Series

Often referred to as “America’s favorite pastime,” baseball has had its grips on Americans’ hearts since its inception in the 19th century. While the sport’s history is not exactly clear, the one thing that everyone is sure of is that baseball is one of the USA’s favorite sports.

That can plainly be seen in the popularity of the World Series. Baseball’s annual championship attracts bettors from all over the country, and even casual fans tune in to see the results. It may not be able to rival the Super Bowl, but it sure is one of the biggest sport events in the country.