What To Consider When Choosing The Best Sports Betting Apps For You


Sports betting continues to be one of the biggest subsidiary markets in 21st-century sports. While betting on sports and placing wagers on upcoming events isn’t new, the sheer wealth of online markets has meant the industry is on the cusp of becoming a trillion-dollar one by 2050.

Still, many analysts believe it could be a lot sooner than this. In any event, if you’re looking to bet on sports, there are considerations you must weigh up. As with any sports betting app, there are pros and cons involved, but the good thing is that many of these components are generic and can be applied to sports betting apps across the spectrum, so let’s explore.

Promotions & Bonuses

Sports betting apps offer new bonuses and existing promotions for customers. These offers are arguably the integral force behind the growth of many top names. Betting platforms often display their platform to those who use free bets and bonuses. They can put themselves in the shop window by bringing people on board using free sports betting credits, free slot machine spins, or often a combination of the two. Ultimately, this allows bettors to explore their service in full—and at a cost-effective rate.

The best sports betting apps will offer many bonuses and make a notable attempt to keep new customers on board. This is crucial to consider. If a sports betting platform is only interested in bringing new customers through the door and then doesn’t offer any sort of rewards for remaining loyal to its platform, then this is one of many things to take on board.

Top providers like William Hill and Bet365 often use their considerable reach and colossal advertising budget to appeal to all potential customers—and they understand the importance of keeping them on their platforms. Using established brands is also a key consideration, especially with many other sports betting companies looking to compete in the growing industry.

Sports Betting Apps That Offer Additional Services

The betting markets that are on offer should be the prime thing you consider – but with so many of the top names all offering broadly similar services, many bettors will dig into other areas to find a niche and to work an angle to bring in new bettors in such a competitive industry. Looking at historical odds data, current injuries, and expert opinions are all knowledge-based ideas that sports betting platforms explore as additional services to add a layer of uniqueness to their brand.

Fantasy sports is one of the most successful angles. In the US, sports betting platforms like DraftKings offer a daily fantasy sports service, which helps to engage NFL betting fans and help them explore other areas of NFL-based gaming. There are hundreds of markets to choose from across so many betting platforms; it can be something like fantasy sports that drives bettors to use the service ahead of the rest of the competition.

Live streaming is another element you could throw into the mix—although many top brands already offer it. One thing to remember is that you will often have to place a bet on their site so that you can stream the event. Also, it’s usually a select number of lower-profile games. If you’re looking for playoff games or championship deciders, you won’t be able to watch these on any US betting platform.

Should I Opt For Known Brands Or Up-And-Coming Ones?

There’s no reason not to opt for both, but there are important angles you should look at, especially if you’re placing a bet with a newly established sports betting platform. As we touched on briefly, Bet365 and William Hill are two A-grade names in sports gambling, with the former regularly advertising itself as the world’s premier sports betting provider.

Given that Bet365 has developed one of the slickest apps in the sports betting business and has pioneered some of the most extensive changes we have seen in sports betting apps, such as the accumulator cash-out feature and the 2-goal payout on specific soccer bets – it’s clear to see why they’ve been able to establish such a household brand name in the UK and are looking to expand into more US states with the same gumption.

While up-and-coming brands might be offering better welcome bonuses and promotional deals to expand their name, they might have a different customer service or established partnerships within the industry than many of the other brands in the USA. While this isn’t necessarily a huge issue, a smaller operation might mean fewer markets to bet on and customer services that take a little longer to respond – so they’re also essential things to weigh up.

Online reviews can also be a non-biased, subjective way of exploring what a sports betting platform does well and the areas where it can improve. While you shouldn’t take them as gospel, if you notice similar issues or positives being mentioned, there’s usually some truth to them.

Personal Preference & Shopping Around

Nothing stops you from checking out Bet365, William Hill, and DraftKings. By using the promotions on offer and browsing through their mobile app, you can decide which one you like the look of the most. Millions of bettors will shop around different platforms to get a feel for the app and to see what app they most like – purely from a design perspective.

Final Thoughts

The global sports betting market is expected to grow by over $140 billion between now and 2027. Few industries in the world can boast such growth – and it’s fueling an exponential rise in the quality of sports betting apps in the US and further afield. Weighing up a handful of the components we’ve touched on today should help you find the sports betting app that best matches how you play.

Exploring the size of their markets, overall customer reputation, customer reviews, and additional services like fantasy sports will help you give a more accurate representation of how you rate their service and will stand you in good stead when placing your bets in the future.