What’s a Fair Price for Pay Per head Services?

What is it in a price per head provider that makes the cost a worthy value? The PPH industry has been blown open and it’s everywhere nowadays. One can conduct a Google search and find 30-of them in less than 5-seconds. The market is saturated with pay per heads, some of them are fantastic people and some of them, well, let’s just say they don’t have your best interest at heart. This industry started back in the late 1980s’ with a few bookies that were tired of “business as usual”.

· A group of bookies from the Caribbean, Las Vegas, and Costa Rica, they put their heads together and decided there simply had to be a better way of conducting business. Number one, they realized the need for bookies to have an online presence. They understood the impact that an online business has and could have, especially when it comes to gaming. The bookies were not programmers, site builders, marketing specialists, coders, they did not have the proper experience to build what we see in a PPH today. They did the smart thing, they found people that could provide these services and they came up with what is not the PPH.

· When the PPH business went online and got its start, the good folks that started this business (the bookies) were not marketing savvy and honestly, they were hoping to earn big bucks of the cost of doing business with a PPH. They charged huge prices for their services. This business started with $25 per head fees! They quickly realized this was a failed plan! Nobody wanted to pay $25 per head, per week. This simply dug into the profits. Bookies are in the bookie business to earn a fantastic income and who could do it paying $25 per head to some guy in Costa Rica?

· In the mid -the 1990s’, everything changed. Groups such as the RDG Corp came along and reinvented the PPH industry with the best bookie software the industry had to offer, along with more reasonable prices. Today, the industry standard with the best PPH providers in the business – around $7-$10 per head.

· What you get is a FREE, custom-built bookie website that competes with the largest sportsbook online for quality and service. The best PPH providers are now offering a turnkey service that gives you a fantastic, state-of-the-art sportsbook, with a user interface that makes wagering and maneuvering the website a breeze for your gambling clients. The website comes with an all-inclusive wagering menu that includes thousands of options for betting on sports, horses, lotto, politics, and much more. They also offer a Las Vegas-style casino that features more than 100-games, live dealers, and all the hottest slots. On top of it all, you will have a world-class racebook that features the best tracks from North America and around the world.

· What you should be getting in a PPH and what you are getting could be two different things. Make sure that your PPH or your perspective PPH is offering all of the bells and whistles such as the FREE website along with the best user interface and wagering menu. You should also have access to daily, on-demand reports that allow you to manage your players and your money. You cannot be successful in this business without proper budgeting and player management.

· The PPH industry is in business to do your job for you. They should have an 800 number that you and your clients can call 24/7. They must be offering you the best in daily lines and odds and set them for you along with all of the days sporting events from the USA and around the world.

In this day and age, you get what you pay for. There are many folks out there that want you to think you are getting the best with their $2, $3, $4, $5, and $6 offers. Come on, this business involves more than a rock-bottom price. Find out who the best PPH providers are, read forums, hear what other bookies are saying and inform yourself. You should never pay more than $10-$15 for any price per head service. The median range for the best PPH providers today, is $7-$10, per head, per week.
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