Where Can You Look for Top Ranked Pay Per Head Services?

The internet is full of reviews on pay per head (PPH) services.

We’re a resource for aspiring bookmakers and have experience using many of the top platforms in the industry. If you’re looking for a top-ranked pay per head, you’re at the right place.

We have a lot of guides to help bookmakers grow their business, but today, we’re going to review a few of the best gambling software services, which will give you an outline to perform your own research.

Top Three PPH Platforms for Bookies

There are dozens of different pay per head companies accepting new clients. You’ve likely seen a lot of options if you’ve already begun your research. It’s tough to make the best decision when you’re bombarded with a lot of options, so I’m going to limit my list to the top three PPH services.

1. Gold: PayPerHead247.com

You want a PPH service that has been in the business a long time. They have the expertise to guide new bookies in the right direction and the PayPerHead247 software platform is amazing.

This is an all-in-one solution like the rest of the providers we recommend. That means, the service provides a sportsbook (live betting included), racebook and casino (live dealer games included).

2. Silver: RealBookies.com

Real Bookies is one of the biggest PPH providers in terms of clients. They cater to thousands of bookies and have been for years. They receive glowing reviews from lots of pay per head bookies.

That’s one way to tell a great service apart from the rest. If a bunch of bookies are going out of their way to review the service they’re receiving, that’s always a great sign.

3. Bronze: A1PPH.com

A1PPH has been in business for more than a decade servicing PPH bookies. You’ll be able to use the great software platform to make running your online gambling business a breeze.

There are a few things all three of these pay per head providers have in common.

They have been in business a long time, they’re not some fly-by-night operation. They all have a lot of clients that have spoken highly of the service and they all have big teams. It takes a big team to run a pay per head shop and too many price per head shops today are understaffed.

All three services start at $10/head as well, which is in line with the competition. However, these three shops go above and beyond the rest of the competition, which is why we recommend them.

Finding the Best Pay Per HeadTechTimes best list.

● Social Media: Everyone uses social media. That includes bookies. You can find first-person reviews for many PPH services on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit.
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