Why Sports Betting Continues to Thrive

Sports betting is more popular than it’s ever been right now. With more sports now televised than ever before and easy access to betting platforms through smartphones, it’s no surprise that it’s become as popular as it has.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that sports betting continues to thrive.

Ease of access

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest drivers behind the ever-growing popularity of sports betting is the ease of access. Prior to the internet and smartphones, you’d have to go to a physical bookmakers to place a bet. Although high street bookmakers do still exist, they've been dwarfed by the amount of people who now bet online through betting apps.

Not only are betting websites and apps much more convenient, they’re also easier to use and allow you to navigate all the available bets across many different sports in a streamlined way.

Although some people argue the morality of sports betting being so easily accessible to so many people, betting companies are obligated to encourage responsible gambling and ensure their users are over the age of 18.

Diverse betting market

The betting market is incredibly diverse these days. There are a huge number of sports and events to bet on, from popular sports like football, boxing and tennis to more obscure offerings like billiards and table tennis. Whatever sport you prefer, you should be able to find bets available for it across the many online bookmakers out there.

Not only is the number of sports you can bet on incredibly diverse but so are the types of bets you can place. Often people will just pick a certain team or athlete to win but if you want to be more specific with your bet, it’s easier than ever to do that. Accumulator bets, for example, have made it very popular to be more specific with betting.

With an accumulator bet, instead of just choosing a certain team to win, you can also pick a goal scorer and number of corners in a match. By stacking bets like this, you can get better odds, making it more enticing if you only want to bet a small amount.

Welcome offers and rewards

Another thing that’s contributed to how popular sports betting has become in recent years are the number of welcome offers and rewards. Most betting companies will provide generous welcome offers for new customers, whether it’s a free bet or higher odds. Often welcome offers will be tied to a particular sports event, such as the World Cup or Champions League Final.

It should be said that it’s always important to read the small print for welcome offers, since often you cannot cash out what you win if you’re successful, with your winnings needing to be used for other bets.


Another obvious reason why sports betting continues to grow is because of advertising. Betting apps are heavily advertised on sporting events now, particularly football matches. They’re often specific to the game being shown and will also include welcome offers for new customers.

This increase in advertising means that many people who might not have otherwise considered betting on sports, may be tempted to do so, especially if it’s for a sport they’re already interested in and watch a lot.

Passive income

Although a lot of people bet to add excitement when watching their favourite sports, there are also those who see it as a way of making passive income. Although not everyone is successful with sports betting, some people are able to have enough success where they can rely on it as an additional income stream.

Good way to learn about new sports

Another reason that sports betting is popular is because it can provide people with a way to get into sports they might not be familiar with. Learning about the different types of bets available can help you understand the rules and also add excitement when you’re first getting into a new sport.

Certain sports are heavily associated with betting. These include football, tennis, horse racing and boxing among others. However it’s possible to bet on most types of sports these days, even those that are considered very obscure.


Sports betting is a huge industry and is only set to get bigger in the future, especially in countries that have only fairly recently legislated to allow it, like Ontario with sports betting in Canada. Although gambling laws are something that’s heavily discussed and debated in the UK, it’s very unlikely that it will be outlawed completely. If done responsibly, sports betting can be a great way to add excitement when watching sports and as a way to make extra money.