7 Common Misconceptions About Skill-Based Casino Games

Many people have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to casino games, be they ones that are purely based on luck or those which require an element of skill to increase your odds of succeeding and winning. Today we’ll be covering the most common of these and trying to dispel any confusion that you may have in regards to betting in-person and online. We’re sure that you’ve heard or even thought about some of these misconceptions before, whether you’ve played blackjack in person, cryptocurrency poker online, or even never gambled at all. We hope that you enjoy the read and hopefully learn something new from it. Let’s dive into the most common misconceptions about skill-based gambling games.

1. It’s all luck

While there are gambling games that are purely based on luck we aren’t talking about those today. We’re talking about games where luck is a factor but isn’t the whole determining cause. In poker of course you can’t determine what kind of hand you get, but if you play your cards right you can win a large majority of the time against low-skill players and still increase your odds quite a bit against skilled opponents too. What cards you get is pure luck, but how you use them is pure skill and it’s the majority of what wins or loses matches of poker.

2. It’s too expensive to learn

The main issue many people have with such games is the fact that you need to pay a good deal of money to get into the practice and learn how to play these games. This isn’t true as you can generally find free versions online or simply practice with friends depending on what the game is. It can be costly to practice on the real thing but that simply isn’t necessary for the modern age and you can practice freely.

3. The games are rigged

While some casinos (be it in-person or online) do have rigged games, this isn’t true for the vast majority of respectable establishments. If they rigged their games then it would eventually be found out by someone skilled and they would lose all the good reputation that they spent ages building up. It’s not financially viable to scam people with rigged games so if you go to a good casino the games won’t be rigged.

4. It’s easy to lose all your money

While gambling can be a way to lose all your cash if you lose control, it’s important to understand that it can only occur if you don’t set hard limits for spending or go over them. Most gamblers give themselves a limit as to how much money they can lose before they call it a day and it’s a method most should use to stay safe.

5. All the other players are already good at gambling

Depending on where you go this may be true, but it’s pretty easy to find a place to gamble against people of a similar skill level, be it in an actual casino or online. Also, remember as we previously said there are ways to practice gambling for free so you could become the person that you originally feared and beat everyone, it just takes some time investment to learn the ropes.

6. The people you meet while gambling are dangerous

This is a misconception born from Hollywood movies. Just because people are gambling using real money doesn’t mean that the money was obtained illegally or that they’re dangerous people. You can meet a lot of fun people and make great friends through gambling as it’s a pastime that many people enjoy and have enjoyed for years.

7. It’s better to try luck-based games if you’re bad

A lot of people seem to think this and we don’t understand why. We really recommend investing the time to learn skill-based games properly as you can increase your odds of winning by a very large margin and it’s certainly worth it. Luck-based games could get you somewhere, but being good at skill-based games is certain too. It just takes some learning to get that certainty factor and knowing that you will win more than 50% of the time, thus making your endeavors worth it and it’s an incredible feeling, believe us.