How to Bet College Football Odds

How to Bet College Football Odds

How to bet college football odds with success.

Key Points

– College football bettors must understand how to read odds to have success.

– Odds are impacted by a number of factors.

What are College Football Odds

College football odds are the probability or likelihood of an event in college football. They can be found on various websites and are used by college football fans to predict the outcome of games. 

College football odds are expressed as whole numbers. For example, on a point spread bet, Alabama may be favored to win by 14 points. The odds on the bet might be -125. Bettors would see this football point spread bet as: Alabama -14 (-125).

Looking at college football odds

Looking at college football odds

A wager on the Crimson Tide of $125 would pay out $100 if Alabama wins the game by 15 or more points. 

Odds for college games are offered on all bets from moneyline bets to props and other specials. They are set by oddsmakers at sportsbooks and can be influenced by injuries or changes in team personnel. They are also influenced by public opinion and recent betting patterns. 

College football odds are an important tool for college football fans and bettors alike. They can help make informed decisions about where to put your money down on college games.

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How to Read & Bet College Football Odds

When trying to understand odds, it's important to know the basic terminology. The “spread” is the betting line given to even the playing field between two teams. 

The favorite is indicated with a minus sign (-) and the underdog is denoted with a plus sign (+). The point spread is then followed by the odds. American odds use a base of 100. Check out our NCAAF betting lines.

Using the Alabama example from above, the Tide is the favorite at -14. The (-125) means that a bettor must wager $125 to win $100. If the underdog is given (+125) odds, a $100 bet would pay out $125. It always pays more when you win on an underdog.

Moneyline odds are similar. Again the favorite is designated with the minus sign. An example might look like this:

Alabama -250

Auburn +195

In this case, you are betting on a team to win. If you bet on Alabama, you must wager $250 to win $100. A $100 bet on Auburn would pay out $195 if the Tigers win. The final scoring margin does not matter.

How to Bet College Football Games

Betting on college football is fun and exciting. It is made even more fun when your bets win. It helps to have some knowledge before you begin placing bets. Here are a few tips on how to bet college football games:

  1. Do your research. Know the teams, the players, and the coaching staff. This information will give you a big advantage when it comes time to place your bets.
  2. Pay attention to the line. The line is set by the oddsmakers and it represents which team is favored to win the game. Lines will adjust during the week of a game. Knowing why they move can help you make the best bet. 
  3. Know when to bet the point spread and when to bet the moneyline. The point spread is the most common way to bet on college football games, but it's not always the best option. If you're confident in your ability to pick winners, betting the moneyline can be a more profitable strategy.
  4. Don't be afraid to take some risks. College football can be unpredictable, so don't be afraid to take some chances when placing your bets. Sometimes, the biggest payouts come from backing an underdog that no one else is giving a chance.
  5. Have fun! College football is one of the most exciting sports to watch, so make sure you enjoy yourself while you're making your picks and placing your bets. After all, winning money should be a nice bonus and not the only reason you're watching the games.

Strategies for Betting on CFB

There are a few key things to keep in mind when betting on college football games. The first is to identify the teams that are most likely to win their conference or division. 

These teams tend to be more consistent from year to year, and they have a better chance of making it to the playoffs. Betting in the future will be different, so it’s important to keep up with all the latest trends.

Another important factor is the strength of the schedule. A team that has played a relatively easy schedule is more likely to be favored than a team that has faced a difficult schedule. 

However, there can be big differences between a 4-4 team from a more powerful conference compared to the 8-0 team from a weaker conference. Bet accordingly.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to injuries. A team that is missing key players is more likely to lose than a team that is at full strength. By keeping these factors in mind, you can increase your chances of making money on college football bets.

Common Mistakes When Betting on College Football

There are a few common mistakes that people often make when wagering on college football. 

First, they may fail to do their homework and research the teams thoroughly. Placing bets haphazardly will not work if you want to be successful. 

Second, bettors may bet on their favorite team regardless of the odds. If you can’t bet against your favorite team, you probably shouldn’t be betting on them at all.

Third, they may chase their losses by making larger and larger bets. Chasing losses can dig bettors into a deep hole. Resist the urge to do it. 

Finally, bettors often fail to manage their bankroll responsibly. They may bet more than they can afford to lose. While there is no guarantee when betting on college football games, avoiding these common mistakes can certainly help improve your chances of coming out ahead in the long run.