A Science Of Betting And Gambling

The way we bet can be determined by many different factors – maybe the odds are looking good, our favourite fighter is on a winning streak or performing well, or the team we’re betting on has a good history against their opponents – but one thing that always remains a constant is the bookmakers advantage, because as always – the house always wins.

The internet, and the spread of information, however have done a lot to help would be betters in making sure they’re getting the best odds possible and also have the highest probability of seeing a good return on their bets – and as such the science of sports betting was born with a huge amount of data to drive the predictions. Our smartphones allow us accessibility to these services wherever we are, and with that the boom of online betting began, TBC reference some gambling sites not on gamestop to help find sites with some of the better odds available to you, but the wealth of data we have available to us can’t be ignored either. There are plenty of articles around for those explaining the ways in which data can be used to beat the odds and how looking at past data can provide an advantage to you, but also just as many that show those who’ve abused the system and the result not turning out so well for them. To get the most out of your betting, there are some things you can keep in mind:

Never think you know – If you’re adamant that you know, you just know that something is a certainty, then it’s probably safe to not place the bet at all. If you’re allowing yourself to let emotion dictate how you place the bet, then you’re moving away from all the data available to you.

Money management – The old adage of you win some you lose some will always ring true – the important factor to keep in mind is ensuring the ‘some’ that you win definitely outweigh the ‘some’ you lose – again following all the data provided to you from our vast knowledge of betting and winning history should be used to guide your decision!

It’s not just the odds – It’s important to remember that the winning odds, or winning percentage, always factor in the additional cost needed to ensure the betting operator gets their share of the return too – if you see a number of different odds on similar games, it’s important to factor in the additional 1-2% added on top.

A measured and structured approach to betting using all the information available to you is what will help you find and keep the best value – and as always gambling in a responsible way is always the best practice, if you find you’re putting just a little too much money down on a sure thing to find the return is what you’d hoped or that you’re losing a little too often, it’s time to step back.