It is truly crazy to think that the season has been on pause for nearly a month. Having attended several NBA games this year with plans to hit a few more, it’s wild that so much time has passed without the game. There is a Players Only 2K Tournament going on right now, and a potential H-O-R-S-E- game in the near future. Adam Silver said yesterday that there will not be any updates until May 1st. That is 24 days from now.

The Lakers and Bucks were atop their conferences when this happened, though a date in the Finals was never a guarantee. Boston, Miami and Toronto wanted a word in the East, while literally any team in the West had a chance to run the gauntlet. The top seven teams were all at least 11 games over .500, proving just how dominant the conference is. Enough about the season that isn’t though. Below are the three guys with the best odds for MVP at the time of the stoppage.

1) Luka Doncic (+2500)

As amazing as Luka’s season has been, it does not seem that the odds of his MVP win are very high. He would become the youngest to win the award, being a full year younger than D Rose was during his breakthrough season. Luka is putting up dream numbers that would have been unthinkable for somebody his age just a few years back. He has averaged 29-9-9 for the year, having just turned 21 last month.

This is amazing on so many levels. Considering how good his rookie season was, the leap he took is wild. He is on pace to put up better numbers than James Harden across the board next season. The only issue here is that the two guys ahead of him have managed to blow his numbers out of the water, while also taking their teams to the #1 seed. Luka’s Mavs are #7 in the west, so that may be the biggest factor hurting. Top 3 in his early 20’s though? Impressive.

2) LeBron James (+450)

He has won four MVP awards in his NBA career, but should probably have a few more than that. Now in his 17th year in the league, LeBron is still dominating stat-wise, and literally. Dunking over people. Driving the lane. And proving his ability as one of the best passers ever. Starting at point guard for the first time in his career, Bron is posting 10.6 assists per night, a career-high. He is also averaging 26 points and eight rebounds, while making a career-best 2.2 threes per game.

He has the Lakers atop the West. He is dropping dimes at a career-rate. There is not too much more than can truly be asked of him. It’s just that what Giannis is doing out there trumps his elite campaign. It’s hard to say who deserves it more.

3) Giannis Antetokounmpo (-560)

After beating out James Harden for the MVP award last season, it seems that the Greek Freak is on pace to win the award for a second season in a row. He would be the first player since Steph Curry to do so. Antetokounmpo (30-14-6 in 30 minutes per night) is having a magnificent season. He has turned himself into an elite scorer in the paint, plus is rebounding as well as any centers in the league. He is also making a career-high 1.5 threes per night

He has rounded into a two-way superstar that teams have to completely gameplan around. Part of the Bucks amazing success this year has to be attributed to Mike Budenholzer and his scheme, and depth. But what Giannis is doing to lead them on the court is unbelievable. Just a reminder that is only 25 years of age. Whoever you bet – do so at our favorite pay per head bookie site
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