Bookie Know How

Some people believe that all bookies make huge profits each month. Many professional punters beat the bookies, but sportsbooks earn huge sums of money when amateurs lose bets.

So, it is necessary to understand the mathematical and statistical principles that bookies use. Read on to learn more about bookies.

Balancing the Book

Sports enthusiasts believe that for one to be a bookie, they should have experience in laying bets. Some bookmakers record bets in a ledger.

They lay possible outcomes on various events in a format that will assure them of making a profit if any outcome occurs. The bookie sets precise odds for different outcomes and has a particular profit margin for each outcome.

Bookies need to adjust odds as the betting market changes. For example, if the odds of a bookmaker have a huge difference with those of another betting firm, it will make the market uneven as many punters will choose the bookmaker that has better odds as it will give them a mathematical advantage. So, bookies often give similar odds for the same sports events to balance out one another.

Punters' betting preferences influence bookmakers when they set odds. For example, if a large percentage of players bet on one team, bookies will reduce their odds and increase those of the other team to balance the book.

Backing and Laying

Back and lay options are common in betting exchanges. You need to convince another gambler to lay a bet for you to back a certain possible outcome. Betting exchanges allow pundits to lay and back one another.

They earn a commission from each trade that punters make. In the past, pundits visited brick-and-mortar bookmakers to back and lay bets against each other.

The Functions of Odds Compilers

Odds compilers watch the betting markets daily. It helps them predict the likelihood of certain outcomes, including the first team to score, the full-time winner, and the total number of corners.

The compilers set odds based on the opinion of the public majority. They understand the basics of various sports and ensure that each odd has a profit margin for the bookie.

The Importance of a Bookie's Business Model

Generally, bookies need to make an equal amount of money from all outcomes to balance the ledger. They avoid having a 100 percent breakeven point as it will reduce their profitability.

If, for example, a bookie overestimates the probability of two outcomes by 2.38 percent each, it will have a 4.76 percent profit margin. So, if it takes $50 on each outcome for its ledger to balance, it will pay $95.50 for the winning bet.

Juice, Vig, and Overround

When a bookie adds the implied probability of odds of each possible outcome, it will have a total of over 100 percent. Any amount that is above 100 percent will be its profit and is often called the house edge or overround/juice/vig.


Many bookmakers aren't content with a 3 percent profit margin. They devise new tricks to increase it, including giving several selections like accumulators, trebles, and doubles.

Accumulators have a high overround and payouts. Therefore, bookies like them as it is tricky to make over three accurate predictions in a combo bet.

Betting Promotions

Bookmakers face stiff competition from other bookies. Some of them offer bonuses and promotions to keep existing clients and attract new players. But, most bonuses have certain betting requirements that you need to fulfill to claim them.

You can wager with a welcome bonus several times and convert it to cash once you make a rollover. Also, check various websites frequently to find other offers.

Bookies rely on backing and laying, implied probability, over-round, and odds compilation to make profits. They often start operating with few betting options, and they gradually increase them when more players visit their sites. A bookie can give bonuses and promotions once its cash flow improves.

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