Compression Socks For CrossFit – What’s Their Deal?

When you start attending CrossFit trainings the first thing you notice is that the people are all properly geared up with all kinds of things and outfits. Naturally, you start mimicking their look and get yourself the necessary props. However, there is something you are definitely forgetting. It might be because you didn’t notice it, or it might be because you noticed it and thought that it was nothing but a fashion statement. See here.

I am talking about compression socks. Yes, you have heard that right – people wear a specific type of socks for their CrossFit workouts. But, what’s the deal with those, anyway? Are they really just a fashion statement, or is there something to them that makes them special? It’s hard to believe that this piece of clothing has any special purposes, isn’t it? I mean – they’re just socks!

You already know how people want to look their best even when sweating and gasping for air in their training. This has led to them buying all kinds of unnecessary things. Dozens and dozens of workout outfits, all carefully planned out to match and look great when worn together… But, at the end of the day, that’s really not the most important thing anyone can do for their bodies and training sessions.

True, looking powerful and even fashionable while working out can give people a little push towards achieving their goals and getting that perfect body. They get motivated upon looking at themselves in the mirror. Confidence goes through the roof and they start feeling like they can really do it all. And this goes for both men and women equally.

However, that’s not the first thing that any of them have in mind while gearing up. Instead, they look for shoes, clothes and accessories,that make them feel comfortable while exercising. That’s the whole point. And when it comes to footgear, such as Lasso Gear CrossFit socks, it is important to understand that they also have their function and their place in these workouts. In other words, they aren’t worn just for fun and games.

What Are Compression Socks?
Though often overlooked, these clothing items actually play a big role in the lives of people who engage in CrossFit and similar activities. They do a lot more than simply covering your foot and making your shoe more comfortable in the process. Believe it or not, among other things, they have a huge impact on your performance during the training. Now you’re probably wondering what something as plain as a sock has to do with performance.

Let me explain. Often knee-high, these items can help you gain more power during your workouts, as well as quickly recover between the sessions. They work by stabilizing your muscles, and that allows you to increase your strength and get more control over your whole body. Plus, by wearing these, you won’t spend a lot of time pulling your socks up and getting distracted by them constantly rolling down.

But, there’s something more. You know that CrossFit trainings is rather intense and they include all kinds of equipment, ropes, bars, etc… Sometimes, it might happen that those bars or ropes rub against your shins, which is rather unpleasant and can lead to injuries and burn marks. It goes without saying that compression socks are perfect for protecting yourself against those marks.

See their other uses:

Of course, if something falls on your legs, you are definitely going to get injured. It’s not like these are socks with superpowers and they throw punches at anything that comes close to your legs. Still, when these little unpleasant nuisances, such as the burns I have mentioned, are in question, they can really help significantly. You usually don’t even notice the burns until after. Well, you won’t notice them at all with compression socks.

In addition to everything that I have mentioned, this clothing item is usually antimicrobial, which means that your feet won’t smell once you take the shoes off. Furthermore, the fabric is moisture-wicking, allowing your foot to actually breathe and not get overheated during the exercises, which is a big plus. In any case, they are not just a fashion statement and if you’re planning on engaging in CrossFit, getting compression socks should be the first thing on your list.