Football tips based on the daily odds

There’s more than one way to pick out a football tip that you think is worth placing your own money on, and surely the most reliable source of information is the bookies, as they possess the most insight when it comes to betting. By basing the bets that you make on the football odds that the bookmakers provide, you should be able to anticipate how likely they see each selection.

Bookmaker odds on sport

Every price from a bookmaker is formed based on attributes that they use to identify how likely it is to happen. You’ll find daily odds on each bookie app and website, where they will cater to every sporting event that could potentially interest their followers. Football is always ranked above all other sports due to its popularity with frequent bettors, and some have even been known to back their bets early knowing that the sports odds would shorten before kick-off, allowing for profit before anyone’s even kicked a ball.

Changes to football odds

Although it won’t always indicate a selection that’s certain to win, a price moving shorter presents the bookmakers as being under the impression that it’s more likely to win that it was before. The ability to track every single fluctuation in the daily odds doesn’t come easy, as it can happen for so many different bookmakers, on most available betting markets, and at any time throughout the day. There are websites that will provide a service in doing this for you, such as Oddschanger, who run their own football tips page to cover all of the significant changes to football odds in the run-up to fixtures that they think carry value.

Betting markets to focus on

You’ll struggle to pick out any betting markets where there aren’t any changes to the odds, as variables to any degree will affect the price of each market provided by the bookies. For instance, the odds for more than two goals in a specific fixture will be longer if several key attacking players are out injured, in the same way that the odds will be shorter if the opposition team is lacking their key defensive players for the same game. It would always be preferable to stick to match results, as it’s a broad market that can be easily affected by so many things such as injuries, past records, current form, the team they’re playing, and even things as unpredictable as the weather.