NCAA Basketball – Odds to Win National Championship

Unbelievably, the 2018/2019 NCAA men’s college basketball season is upon us once again. The wait is always painful but the reward is definitely worth it. There isn’t another sport that’s quite like betting college basketball. The NBA is fun and there is definitely money to be made but it’s not the same. In college basketball, the players play to make it to the NBA, This is why they play the game, they showcase their talents for two to three games a week and they play their butts off! Old-school gamblers know that betting on college basketball is highly lucrative and over the course of the season a bettor can add to the bank roll in big numbers. The offshore bookies are prepared to roll out the red carpet in hopes of winning your business. The best player bonuses and contests are being offered right now and the time to jump in for a great deal has never been better.

College Basketball Futures Odds – See all teams odds and further preseason odds.

On November 6th, the excitement begins and in a big way with 18 Top 25 games and more than 145 games overall. That’s a pile of betting action. If you really want to make money this year, the opportunity is available for the taking. With it being nearly impossible to handicap even the Top 25 games, there is one great alternative; a handicapping service. Find a great website that includes all of the professional handicappers under one roof. Usually these types of website will offer a free trial. Close to nobody has the kind of time that’s needed to devote to knowing who to bet and how to bet. Let the professionals help you win big money this year.

Who has the best shot at winning the NCAA National Championship in April 2019. Let’s take a look at the top ten and examine their value for a “future bet”. This top 10 is not from the AP Top 25. These teams are in the AP Top 25; however, this list is the top 10 teams with the highest odds of winning the championship.

Duke 5/1
Kentucky 11/2
Gonzaga 15/2
Kansas 17/2
North Carolina 10/1
Villanova 10/1
Nevada 12/1
Virginia 18/1
Tennessee 22/1
Oregon 25/1

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The first six teams on this list are a staple in college basketball and if you follow the sport on any level then you know these teams and you know that each of these six have the ability to win it all. Nevada, Virginia, Tennessee and Oregon all have a legitimate shot at a championship as well. Any team from the top 11 down, they may have a chance and as the year wears on, there will be further evidence of their worthiness. Of course, as the year wears on, the odds will change. It behooves any bettor to take a look at their favorite sportsbook, check out the odds and do some research on every team listed here as well as the entire top 25 and even beyond.

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The thing to always bear in mind about college basketball is this: There are literally hundreds of Division 1A teams from all across the land that will be competing to win their respective conference. To be exact, there are 351 schools, spread out among 32 conferences nationwide. Every ones of these schools has the mathematical chance to get in the NCAA Tournament in March. All of the teams start out at 0-0, this is a “put your pants on equally” scenario from the starting gate. Any team that wins their conference secures an automatic bid into the tournament. This is how the first 32 teams of the field of 68 are determined, the remaining 36 teams are chosen by a selection committee with an “at large bid”. Teams that did not win their conference but were good enough in the eyes of the committee, they are invited to the tournament. Any team that gets into the tournament, has a chance. The tournament is heads up, a team is in as long as they continue to win and it’s “last team standing”.

Getting your bets in now for the tournament winner is a great idea for one simple reason; the odds will change drastically. Possibly a few of the teams listed above have beyond stellar years, such as Kansas and Gonzaga, each has the ability to win 30 or more games and can even go undefeated. It’s a guarantee that you will not see 15/2 and 17/2, not a chance, these odds will be much different and in favor of the sportsbook. Dial up your favorite bookmaker now and be sure to secure the odds you like. This season is going to be another fantastic year for betting college basketball.