How Rules Changes Affect Betting on MLB in 2020

After much deliberation and give and take, Major League Baseball will finally get underway with an Opening Day that will be on July 23. The coronavirus delayed the start of the season which was originally scheduled to begin in March.

The late start and some key rules changes will affect how bettors approach the 2020 MLB season. There will also be just 60 games in the regular season, something else to keep in mind as a bettor.

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Late Start

With games set for July, August, and September; you can bet on one thing – heat. The hot, humid weather that we get around the country during these months will have an effect on baseball.

The ball itself will travel further in the humid air. Expect more home runs especially in the first two months of the season. 

DH Rule

MLB instituted the new DH rule for this season permitting National League teams to use the designated hitter in place of the starting pitcher. That is big news for teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Nationals. 

The Dodgers have a lineup full of sluggers. Instead of sitting one because the pitcher has to hit, the Dodgers will now add a strong bat to the lineup. Again, that should lead to more run production. 

Lean Toward the Over

When in doubt, bettors might simply take the Over when betting on the Total. The combination of an extra bat in National League lineups and balls traveling further in humid air should lead to more runs. More runs means more Overs, so watch for live odds.

Live Betting

The new three-batter minimum rule will have a profound effect on MLB live betting. Pitchers that enter a game in relief must pitch to at least three batters unless an inning ends or they suffer an injury.

Live bettors will now have a distinct advantage in knowing pitcher-batter matchups in advance. For those disciplined enough to do their research, this could lead to some big wins. If you don’t already, you should consider live betting on baseball.


Win Totals

One change not being talked about so much is the injured list change for pitchers from 10 days to 15 days. The league has decided to go back to the 15-day IL. Teams, like the Dodgers, can no longer manipulate their rosters.

Teams that place a pitcher on the 15-day IL will not have him for 15 days. That will be huge in a 60-game season. Teams with deep pitching rotations will think twice before placing a pitcher on the injured list. 

Bettors should pay attention to teams that do put pitchers on the 15-day IL. It could impact MLB betting on win totals.

World Series

It would be an absolute upset if the Dodgers (+375) and the Yankees (+400) do not meet in the 2020 World Series. With the addition of the new DH rule, the Dodgers can add another talented bat to the lineup. 

L.A. is loaded with talent with the likes of reigning NL MVP Cody Bellinger, Max Muncy, Justin Turner, Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, and former AL MVP Mookie Betts.

The Yankees are not far behind with a lineup full of sluggers that includes Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. If both can stay healthy, New York will hit a ton of home runs. Catcher Gary Sanchez and MVP candidate SS Gleyber Torres are other key pieces in the Yankees lineup. 

It’s hard to imagine a 2020 World Series without MLB’s two most talented teams.