How The Future Changes Of The UEFA Champions League Could Affect Betting Odds

If you haven’t heard the hushed whispers, listen up. The world of football is about to change and honestly we don’t know whether to be happy or living in fear. Many say change is good and while we agree with the notion we aren’t sure if we embrace the fact that our favourite sportsbook betting strategies may take a knock. For years sports betting has been a popular sport amongst punters and now that more countries and states are allowing punters to take their fun to new levels, there have been numerous online sportsbooks and online casino activity, try it here today and see why change could impact betting odds.

What’s Happening?

So the proposed changes would make the UEFA Champions League more elite than it currently is. This means obtaining a spot would be more challenging and limited. Great news for European football teams but not so much good for surrounding countries.

Obviously this has angered a number of fans as they are a part of the supporting teams to make it to the League. It has been said that many wouldn’t support the Champions League if there countries were not allowed to compete for a spot. This could affect betting odds and turn the tables on the outcome of winning teams.

What Has Been Proposed?

The proposal would create eight team leagues and only eight teams would be permitted each year; four from the Europa League of the previous season and four from the Champions League playoffs. Some of the most notorious teams would find it difficult to obtain a spot in the grand finale as there wouldn’t be enough slots open.

Impact On the Odds

If the proposed plan does indeed become a reality we could see a number of fans falling out of the betting pool. Games would be a whole lot more dull and this could potentially permanently damage the Champions League.

Top leagues won’t be motivated enough to play which could have a detrimental effect on betting odds as there is no incentive for teams, this could impact how they play and impact bets wagered.
Also, if a team drops from one of the spots earned, they may find it more challenging to obtain a spot for the following year given they weren’t selected from the previous pool.

Of course, this is only an assumption for many, that the EURO League would go through will such outrageous ideals, but who is to say it won’t happen. The board has been looking for something new and something to set teams up to a challenge in hopes of creating a more elite league, but many are more shocked than enthralled with such notions. With supporters being affected, sports book odds taking a hit and teams under even more pressure than ever before, we have to ask the question; ‘Is it really worth it and do we want this?’ Either way, it’s not like we have a say in this, we can only hope for the best.