How to Pick a Winning Horse: 5 Ways to Bet Bankably

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The existence of horse racing as a sport has made the sports betting market more meaningful. In fact, the sports industry has considered this as a “Sports King” because of the participants and the number of betting categories you can play. Unlike other sports you see, horse racing events are celebrated all-year-round, and most of these carry amazing prizes both for the fans and the racers.

This year, there is a bit of decline when it comes to horse racing events due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the majority of the sports were canceled, horse racing events were moved to a later date. In fact, the U.S. Triple Crown Series, which is one of the largest horse racing competitions will start on September 5, 2020.

While every horse racing fan, bettors, and Triple Crown hopefuls are waiting for this event to kick-off, below are some basic techniques you can study on how to bet on horse racing. Remember that betting is still gambling where your fate is undetermined most of the time. But, if you portray an attitude of critically studying each horse entry, then winning is undoubtedly attainable.

Look Into the Last Races

Experience is the best teacher. This cliche does not only apply to our everyday life, but it also happens in horse race betting. The first thing you have to consider when picking a winning racehorse is to look at his previous races. Do know that if a horse has a lot of victories in popular racing games, then they have higher chances of winning.

There are many ways to find the last races of every racehorse. You can scan their horse racing forms through various platforms. The racing form includes all the statistics of the horse showing their birth, trainers, jockeys, breeders, earnings, losses, and victories. Make sure to compare the records of each horse to pick a deserving bet.
Contemplate on the Racing Type
Horse racing competition happens in many categories and types. It means that the horses will saddle up in varying distance, racecourse, and distance. You must know the different kinds of racing games to consider what type of horse racing you are going to wager. You should not get attracted to every match happening. Ensure that you only pick the racing game you know how to gamble.

In the upcoming U.S. Triple Crown, the three racing games that make up this show will happen on a dirt track. Aside from that, the racing field carries a longer running distance. So, it is vital that you have to know the racehorses that can amenably run in the dirt track effectively without showing any weakness.

Examine the Horse’s Official Ranking

Before the horse racing tournament happens, experts are showing a lot of predictions to entice every fan and bettor to wager for the winning horse. They ranked each horse depending on their odds value, popularity, and significant accomplishments. The rankings are usually seen in some trusted and popular horse racing sites.

As a horse racing fan, picking a winning horse has something to do with their ranking. The higher the rank of the horse, the more chances they can be in their best form to win. Aside from that, the jockey gets more inspired to do his or her best in connecting with the horse while competing so they can win the whole race.

Look for a Value Bet

Along with the horse’s ranking, you must also look for an entry with a good value to bet. Many bettors are amazed by how the betting odds were formed, and most of them wanted to wager for a betting category that offers the largest payout. Although this is an excellent gambling strategy. However, winning is quite challenging.

If you want to end up winning tremendously at the end of the horse racing game, you gamble, make sure to find a horse with a good value to bet. It means that you must wager for an entry that can give a reasonable payout regardless of the betting category it falls in. Also, make sure to gamble first on the categories you think you can easily win.

Ponder On Jockeys and Trainers

The overall ability of the racehorse to win the racing games depends on their jockeys and trainer. The trainer is responsible for honing every racehorse during the off-season. They are the ones who apply the necessary skills to the horse so that they can be an excellent racer.

At the same time, the jockeys are the ones who control the horses. They guide each horse as to what type of speed they are going to showcase at the start, in the middle, and at the nearing end of the competition.


Horse racing fans and bettors have different styles of picking and betting a deserving racehorse to bet. It may vary depending on the type of horse racing game they are going to partake in. However, in general, the tips listed above on how you can pick an excellent and victorious racehorse can help you avoid losing the battle.