What are Bookies looking For?

Attention bookies, do you want to know what other bookies are looking for in a great online service? Look no further than right here because we have the answers. We have been bookies ourselves and to boot, we all started as gamblers. The bookie business is probably the one business, where the business owners understand their clients better than any other business in the world.


We all started out doing exactly what our client does – gamble. You can empathize with the gambler; you know what they want, and you know what their patterns and behaviors are. What you may not understand is how other bookies think or what they are looking for. We know one thing; you are looking for the best way in which to make a great income. You want quick, and you want it easy. The rule of thumb when opening any new business is that you probably won’t see much profit in the first couple of years. This is not true in the gambling business. It’s the complete opposite. You will see a profit immediately. In the gambling business, results are instantaneous. Now is the time to take advantage of the many gamblers at home that want a great online casino to gamble in. Open it and it’s guaranteed they will come.

· Bookies are looking for an easy way to retain clients. There is a reason beyond the obvious for this. As a bookie, you have more than a few daily concerns, but your number one concern is to keep your clients off the hook. You must have them coming back for more and in today’s market, this is not an easy task. You may have the idea that your clients are loyal to you, think again, they are not. You must keep one thing in mind, your clients want to gamble at all hours of the day and night. How do you accept a wager from your client? They either text or call you. Are you available at all hours? Likely, you are not. There is one easy way to be available to anybody that wants to gamble, at any time – a PPH.

· The PPH gives you an immediate online presence and you have to do nothing other than integrate your clients. The PPH builds your sportsbook, casino, and racebook. You are charged nothing for this service and right now, during the CV-19 shutdown, you will not be charged the PPH fee. You have the best of both worlds, now you can set up your online bookmaking account for free and not get charged a dime.

· There may not be many sporting events to bet on at this time, however, this doesn’t mean that players are not playing in the casino. The players have doubled down in the casino and we all know the casino is where the money is. The casino is your guaranteed cash cow and you will earn huge profits. You MUST take full advantage of this unique opportunity.

· With a PPH you will get a turnkey operation that’s set up totally by the use of a bookie software program. The software is operated by an app on your desktop or mobile device. The software is easy to run, and you do nothing. What you have in front of you now are the tools to follow your players and read reports. You can budget your players, limit them and know exactly where every dollar is going. No longer will you be guessing about your financials.

No matter what you want to do as a bookie, the PPH offers you support. No longer will you have to set the daily odds or the events or make sure that bet slips are graded and adjust client accounts. This will all be done for you. Once the sporting world opens back up, you will love the smoothness and the flow. You will love the freedom. Call the PPH and ask them for a free trial. Tell them what you want to accomplish, and they will work with you. They will not charge you one penny to build a great website and you will be on your way to financial freedom in 2020.