How to safely gamble online

Do you ever feel like playing casino games, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, so you turn on the computer and start searching for an online casino, but get lost in the waste amount of information that is available and the 100´s of casino sites all telling you they are all the best?

Fear not, I will give you the 6 best advice to safe online gambling, so you know exactly what to look for next time you are searching for Online casino in Canada to avoid any bad experience

1. If it sounds to good to be true – It is most likely not true.
Yes this is a cliché, but way too many players still fall for this old trick. If anyone offers you free money without any catch, then there is something wrong and you should be worried. If in doubt always read the terms for the bonus you have been offered and ask question to the support available at the casino.

2. Customer service level and availability
If a casino does not offer easy ways of contacting the customer support, you should be aware that IF any issues should occur then you will have a difficult time to get any help from the customer support representatives and if the only option is email, then you will most like also experience extended waiting time before your issues will be resolved. Choose sites that offer customer service around the clock and as a minimum live chat.

3. What do other players think of the Casino?
There is no better form of recommendation than the worth of mouth, this is count when you search for gambling sites. Search around for reviews from other players on different sites and you will easily see if the casino has any known issues. It is important that you search for reviews on more than one site, to avoid any risk of fake reviews.

4. Payment options and local currency?
You do not want to play in a foreign currency and the casino should offer varies methods of deposit and withdrawal options to avoid any delays or complications. Also check the advertised withdrawal time as it should not take any linger than a few days at max to receive your payment. This do vary between payment methods. If you are into cryptocurrency, you should read up on crypto casino as these casinos solve many issues related to delays and fees.

5. Play at licensed Casinos.
A casino should be licensed to offer real money games for your own protections. The world most respected licenses are MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling commission), Isle of Man and Gibraltar License Authority. These license holders all follow strict rules when it come to handling your money and to offer fair games.

6. Read the terms and conditions
Last but certainly not least READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Always read which terms apply to the bonus or promotion you have been offered so you are fully aware of the wagering requirements, time requirements, max bet, limited games you can play or any other restrictions which would make your offer worth less than advertised. The same apply for the casino if it is a new one for you. Read about which terms the casino have in place to avoid any issues when you request your withdrawal.

Do not gamble for more than you can afford to lose

Gambling online is fun and is for fun only, you might deposit real money and if you are lucky, win real money. But you should never forget that gambling is just a game like all other games, with the only exception that you play for real money only to increase the excitement in the game. It can be difficult to stay on ground if you are lucky and win lots of dollars or if you lose everything in a short time, but this is big parts of the game.

The most important advice to gamble safely in Canada is to only play with money you can afford to lose, and you should never chase any loss or play with borrowed money.

If you feel like you can not control your gambling and you start to chase loses, play more often, borrow money to play or start to isolate yourself, then you should talk with someone about this. There are free services available in Canada that offers phone or chat consultation, and you can also find in-person talks, with professional people who can help you taking the steps to gamble safely.