NBA Team Profiles: Chicago Bulls

With the NBA playoffs quickly approaching, it’s time to learn more about our teams.

The Chicago Bulls have had a lot of injured players this season which has dramatically affected the NBA spreads. Although some great players are still in the line-up, the bettors among you need to focus on the benched Bulls.

Lonzo Ball – Guard

In the regular season, Ball had played for 34.6 minutes per game, scored 13 pointers per game, and created 5.4 rebounds per game. These solid numbers should have made the 24-year-old a strong player for the playoffs, but due to a knee injury Ball has been pulled out of the season.

Confirmed on the 6th of April, Ball has officially finished his 2021-2022 season.

Tony Bradley – Center

Bradley’s field goal percentage, this season, is a proud 58.3%. With just 9.9 minutes per game, his low numbers show great movement. He has scored 2.8 points per game and 3.3 rebounds per game too.

Troy Brown Jr – Forward

Although Brown has had some fun in the sun this season, he was put back on the bench in the middle of March. So far we don’t know if that decision will remain for the playoffs. This season he has played 15.6 minutes per game, scored 4.1 points per game, and helped with 2.9 rebounds per game.

Alex Caruso – Guard

For a player who has spent 28 minutes per game on the court, he has only scored 7.4 points per game and created 3.6 rebounds per game. It’s reasons like this that make it questionable if Caruso will return to the Friday game against the Hornets.

Tyler Cook – Forward

Cook has played for 10.3 minutes per game, scored 3.4 points per game, and created 2.7 rebounds per game too. This field goal percentage is 61.1% creating a balanced player for the playoffs.

DeMar DeRozan – Forward

Although DeRozan hasn’t been playing to his full potential this season, his stats still show him as one of the strongest players on the team. He has played for 36.2 minutes per game, scored 28 points per game, and helped with 5.2 rebounds per game too.

Ayo Dosunmu – Guard

Dosunmu has had a lot of time on the court this season but hasn’t created a lot of points or field goals to show for it. His 27.2 minutes per game has resulted in 8.5 points per game, 2.8 rebounds per game, and 51.7% field goals.

Javonte Green – Forward

It has been confirmed that Green will be playing in the Wednesday game against the Celtics. So far this season, he has played 23.2 minutes per game, scored 7.2 points per game, and completed 4.2 rebounds per game.

Malcolm Hill – Guard

This season the 26-year-old Malcolm Hill has played for 11.1 minutes per game, scored 3.9 points per game, and rebounded 1.8 per game.

Derrick Jones Jr – Forward

Although Jones Jr has had knee issues, he is confirmed to play in the Wednesday game against the Celtics. So far this season, Jones Jr has played for 17.4 minutes, earned 5.5 points per game, and rebounded 3.3 per game.

Zach LaVine – Guard

LaVine is another player with a knee injury. Despite his obvious discomfort, LaVine will likely be playing in Friday’s game against Charlotte. So far this season he has been a top player for the Bulls. Playing for 34.8 minutes per game, scoring 24.4 points per game, and creating 4.6 rebounds per game.

Marko Simonovic – Center

We didn’t expect to see Simonovic in the Bulls rotation for the playoff, as he only played for 3.9 minutes in just 9 appearances this season. However, he has been pulled into the roster. This might be due to a large number of injuries across the team.

Matt Thomas – Guard

Thomas was originally down to play against the Celtics on Wednesday but due to a lower leg injury, he has been pulled from the game. So far he has played for 11.5 minutes per game, scored 4 points per game, and made 1.3 rebounds per game.

Tristan Thompson – Center

So far this season Thompson has played for 15.8 minutes per game, scored 5.9 points per game, and rebounded 5.1 per game too.

Nikola Vucevic – Center

Vucevic is another big player for the Bulls this season. He has played for 33.3 minutes per game, scored 17.8 points per game as well as rebounded 11.1 per game.

Coby White – Guard

In his last game of March, White failed to score one point, and yet his current stats for the season show him as one of the best players on the Bull roster. He has played for 27.3 minutes per game, scored 12.6 points per game, and created 3 rebounds per game.

Patrick Williams – Forward

This season Willimas has played 23.7 minutes per game, scored 6.9 points per game, and created 4.1 rebounds per game.


The odds don’t seem to be in the Bulls' favor this season as multiple injuries and low morale starts to take hold. Hopefully, they can turn the story around before the playoffs start.