The Beginner’s Guide To Online Poker


Online poker is truly the game for all. If you are on a budget, this game can still be enjoyed for free or played with a minimal cost with the help of bonuses and referral codes. If you’re looking for bonuses, beat the fish talks about this code that new players to maximize their winnings.

While thrill-seekers with a bigger bankroll can find themselves in poker tournaments virtually. On top of its diverse nature, online poker is also extremely accessible too — you can play poker anywhere as long as there is a smart device and an internet connection.

Fortunately, online poker is beginner-friendly and all players regardless of their experience can enjoy gambling together! To kick start your poker experience, we’ve prepared a beginner’s guide that contains everything you need to know about this game.

An introduction to online poker

Online poker is essentially the traditional poker game that is played online. But unlike physical poker, online poker boasts a myriad of variations of the same game that makes every experience so special and unique.

The rules of poker are universal across the medium of the game, but there are several key differences between the two. The pace of the game tends to be faster in online casinos and they are usually less risky and more accessible than their physical alternative. However, this does not imply online casinos are flawless. Because the game will be played with anonymous strangers through the screen, it can be challenging to spot a bluff as we cannot study the opponent’s expression here.

The minimum budget to gamble

Online poker is an inclusive game, so players do not have to worry about preparing loads of funds beforehand. In fact, players can get a taste of poker by visiting free play sites before registering for an actual online casino site.

An average poker player deposits 50 to 200 dollars into their account and these funds can be sustained over a long period of time. The key to a sustainable online experience is to use your e-credits sparingly. So instead of spending all your funds at tournaments, one should be mindful of their budget and opt for smaller stakes games until they accumulate a surplus. An alternative method is to bet really low when playing cash games, so a 50 dollar bankroll can go a long way.

Aside from deposits, beginners should check out the casino site’s welcome bonus as these generous sums can help boost your bankroll too.

Types of online poker games available

While there are numerous online poker variations, each casino site differs in its offerings. But universally popular poker classics like No-Limit Texas Hold’em should be accessible regardless of site. As the title suggests, this game has no restrictions in terms of their stake levels. Players are given two cards and they have to form a winning combination based on the five community cards laid on the table. Texas Hold’em is an easy game to learn, but not everyone can master it.

Different formats of online poker

Online poker tournaments

Live or virtual, poker tournaments boast a huge following thanks to television series like World Poker Tour. In a tournament, participants pay to buy-in a standardized set of chips and are disqualified when out of chips. To obtain the title of champion, one needs to collect all the chips through a series of games.

Participating in tournaments is the quickest way to win big. For a $10 buy-in virtual tournament, the champion can win a grand total of $200,000! This prize money will increase further as you progress to higher-stakes tournaments.

Most major tournaments are held during the weekends. Because of their accessibility, online tournaments have been attracting more players than physical ones. Big-name poker organizers hold a weekly tournament with a million-dollar prize pool with a buy-in as low as $100.

Sit & Go

Sit & Go refers to smaller-scale tournaments that are played with a few tables that begin as soon as there are enough participants. With the massive pool of players, Sit & Gos starts instantaneously with minimal wait time. Since this is a small competition, it can be completed quickly but the rewards are not as grand as tournaments.

Cash games

Also referred to as ring games, these are the classic poker games now played on the web. Just like in casinos, players buy chips in exchange for cash and players will choose their desired poker tables that offer their preferred betting limit.

Cash games are considered “table stakes” games where the maximum bet of each hand is determined by the total quantity of chips on the poker table. Since the games are online, players can conveniently top up for more chips mid-game or choose to leave the site when their stacks are low.

Additionally, cash games allow players to cash out their winnings anytime. Hence, players who value convenience may prefer cash games over tournaments.

Finding the right poker site

Choosing a poker site to register can be a headache when you are just spoiled for choices. Bigger sites have a larger player pool, so you can expect a bigger jackpot alongside a wider range of games offered. Meanwhile, smaller sites have better welcome bonuses and player perks too. Moreover, smaller sites tend to attract weaker players so they are good places to hone your poker skills before participating in large-scale tournaments.

Getting bonuses

While welcome bonuses seem to be offered at every poker site, try looking for sites that also reward you with a deposit bonus too! These poker sites will match your deposit and award you with additional e-credits that can be used for games. Every poker site offers a different type of bonus, so beginners should do their due diligence to research them prior to registering.


Online poker is an interesting game that is well-loved by many. This article covered the important aspects of online poker: the minimum budget, available poker games, different online poker formats, tips on finding a good poker site, and the various bonuses offered on poker sites. Now that you are all ready, we wish you the best of luck as you begin your remarkable journey in the world of poker!