NFL Betting – Broncos: A Darkhorse Futures Bet for 2018/19

Who is not sick of waiting for the greatest game on the planet to fire up and be rocking once again? This season promises to be on of the very best in a long time. The draft was excellent, the offseason acquisitions were exactly what some teams needed in order to get back to their winning ways. If you are a football bettor and are looking for a great futures bet, then stay tuned, we think we know of one and hopefully you will make a great investment and get paid in February of 2019! Find a bookie that offers great futures and the best lines and odds.

2018/19 Odds to win superbowl – Denver Broncos Futures Odds

Last season was more than a bit of a surprise and the Eagles were the one’s doing the surprising. Nick Foles had a season to remember and really the entire team had a season that will not be forgotten in the next many seasons to come. Now that Carson Wentz is healthy and expected to take over his starting job, it will be very interesting to see how this plays out for the champs. Rest assured, Wentz will have a stellar year. He has weapons and he has an arm! The Eagles will be a great defender of the title and never forget who won 11 games last year before going out for the season. Foles stepped in and did exactly what was expected of hi in a backup role; he got wins and those wins picked up a ring!

Who are the teams that had a bad year last season but could turn it around quickly and be a contender this year? Every year there is a team or two that seemingly comes out of nowhere and this year could be the year for that to happen yet again. However, we think the best bet for a darkhorse shot at the title are three teams that have always stayed in contention for a run, year in and year out… with exception of one. One is an even bigger darkhorse.

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#1 The Denver Broncos. The Broncos are a team that as a franchise, they rarely have a bad season. Since 199-0 they have finished 1st in their division 9 times and have won two Superbowls. The team is usually good but last year they had an unusually bad season after a really great start. They tanked! They were really bad and seemed to get worse as the season progressed. Most folks placed the blame on first year head coach, Vance Joseph. Whether or not this was entirely fair; who knows? Broncos fans tend to be demanding and extremely critical.

There are two reason why the Broncos stand out this season; Bradley Chubb and Case Keenum. The Broncos hate losing and better yet, HOF QB, John Elway hates losing! The Broncos drafted the best defensive player in all of college football and the signed an up and coming quarterback that has a great arm and an above average skill set. They acquired the players at the positions that needed to be acquired and with Chubb on the other side of Von Miller; you can expect the defense to be back, and it’s going to be nasty! Check out your favorite bookies “how to bet” section for more on the Broncos and other teams and what the season could look like.

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Future Odds to win the Super Bowl: Denver Broncos 33/1. Remember this, the Philadelphia Eagles entered the 2017/2018 season as 50/1 odd to win, and they won! Find a great online bookie today and jump on these three teams… Broncos, Giants, and the Colts. Do your homework find out why and prepare to make some money.