Top Sports for First-Time Bettors

The lure of sports betting has been unavoidable over the past decade, as a result of which many adults are looking at it as a way to make extra cash while enjoying games they like to watch. Technology has helped make sports betting extremely simple with online betting sites allowing players to set wagers from anywhere and at any time.

Still, sports betting can be a little confusing for many newcomers, who might not be fully aware of all the nuances of the trade. One of the best ways to go about betting on matches, in the beginning, is to start with some of the top sporting events taking place in the world. Thankfully, the hottest new sites entering the online gambling market that also come with amazing bonuses, are a combination of casinos and bookmakers, which means all your playing needs are together in one place. This makes it easier for beginners to bet and earn without having to join multiple websites. However, once you decide on a website, keep a lookout for the following sports, for they are the most lucrative when it comes to making money from games.


Soccer continues to be the most-watched sports in the entire world. Thus, it is the obvious choice for sports betting based on the coverage that it gets and the information that is available to everyone. Among the most famous soccer events that take place annually is the Premier League, and bettors will find that most leading bookmakers carry odds for all the games from this world-class tournament. However, the reason for soccer’s success in the betting world is that most bookies also offer odds for smaller competitions, like local leagues, where fans get better returns throughout the year.

Horse Racing

The original betting sport, horse racing, has attracted fans and gambling enthusiasts for centuries now. Newcomers will be happy to know that in any given horse racing event, there are several different wagers possible that range from the overall winner to how many horses will complete the race in total. Some of the topmost events that take place across the world are, the always in the news Kentucky Derby, the Royal Ascot in England, and the Dubai World Cup. The trick is to read professional predictions in advance and then divide your bets across different races, horses, and odds, as this increases your chances of winning big.


The reason tennis is recommended for first-time bettors is that it is an individual sport. Aside from doubles competitions, wherein you still have to focus on two players, researching becomes a lot easier when betting on single’s tennis matches. Wimbledon is by far the most popular betting event in tennis, but a punter needs to also opt for the other three Grand Slams are they can be equally profitable.


When joining a new online betting website, try to see if they offer country-specific gaming options. Different people in various parts of the world have their own preferences, and many sites have games that match the needs of their top players. For example, sites offering online betting for Indian players are likely to have cricketing odds that cover everything from the World Cup to the IPL. However, even if you are not a fan of a particular sport, it is still a good idea to look at all the options. This holds true, especially for cricket, where the results can be unexpected, leading to life-changing money-making opportunities from the perfect bet.

American Football

Lastly, the Super Bowl is one of the most significant sporting events in the world. Although, there are still restrictions on sports betting in many states of America, football, both at a professional and college-level attracts bookmakers and punters alike, from around the globe. With several games taking place, an abundance of information, and predictions on offer, newcomers will find betting on football to be a walk in the park.