What Is it Exactly That a Pay Per Head Can Offer You

There are some things a pay-per-head (PPH) service can offer you and some things they can’t, but the list of things they do offer is a lot bigger than the list of things they won’t do.

If you’re just learning about pay per head services, they offer an all-in-one turnkey solution for running a sportsbook. Anyone, regardless of experience level, can run an online bookie when partnering with a PPH shop. Plus, these services are extremely cost effective.

Services Provided By a Pay Per Head

Signing up to utilize the services of a pay per head is quick. You can be running your own bookie today by visiting A1PPH.com and registering for the four-week free trial.

So, what services are provided by a pay per head?

Technology: You need software to run a bookie. With a pay per head, your players will be able to log-in to an account on your own website and place bets 24/7. Your website will be accessible on mobile devices as well, so your players can bet on their smartphones.

Gambling Options: Your sportsbook will be full of betting markets from major sports around the world. Your players will be able to bet on everything from the NFL to eSports. One other benefit of pay per heads is that their software will have a sportsbook, racebook and casino.

Call Center: Pay per head betting shops have call centers for two reasons. They provide player support 24/7, so that you don’t need to handle that. They also accept wagers (telephone betting). That way your clients don’t even need the internet to bet. They can call their bets in.

Reports: The reporting features available at PPH shops save bookies a lot of time. You’ll be able to track every financial data point through the automated per head reports. You’ll know where you stand (profit/losses) at any given point, plus there’s a lot of other useful data.

Services Not Provided By a Pay Per Head

There are a few things that a pay per head doesn’t provide and they include the following:

Marketing: Your main job is to market your business and build your player list. PPH shops cover a lot of the menial tasks, but you’ll have to handle your marketing efforts.

Cashier: PPH shops don’t handle the money, which is ideal anyways. You can either issue credit to your players (customized amounts on a per account basis) or have them send you money and then you can credit the amount to their real money balance.

We recommend using cryptocurrencies to process payouts. A ton of bettors, especially in the USA, use Bitcoin (BTC) and won’t mind depositing using it. It’s also a way for you to remain anonymous.

Another benefit of Bitcoin is that the fees are very low. You don’t want to lose a big percentage of your profits to processing fees. With local clients, you should accept cash only.

PPH services provide everything you need to get started as a bookie for one low price. Sign-up to a pay per head today for as little as $7/head (weekly fee) and get ready to start making money. More information at