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1988 NHL Playoffs Series Prices

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BOLD = team favored to win the series

Season Conference Round Team with
home-ice (seed)
Team with
Team w/o
home-ice (seed)
Team w/o
Winning Team Series
1988 SC Finals Edmonton Oilers (S2) -340 Boston Bruins (A2) +280 Edmonton Oilers 4-0
1988 Campbell Conf Finals Edmonton Oilers (S2) -300 Detroit Red Wings (N1) +240 Edmonton Oilers 4-1
1988 Wales Conf Finals Boston Bruins (A2) -240 New Jersey Devils (P4) +200 Boston Bruins 4-3
1988 Campbell Conf Semis Detroit Red Wings (N1) -300 St Louis Blues (N2) +240 Detroit Red Wings 4-1
1988 Campbell Conf Semis Calgary Flames (S1) -140 Edmonton Oilers (S2) +120 Edmonton Oilers 4-0
1988 Wales Conf Semis Montreal Canadiens (A1) -200 Boston Bruins (A2) +170 Boston Bruins 4-1
1988 Wales Conf Semis Washington Capitals (P2) -150 New Jersey Devils (P4) +130 New Jersey Devils 4-3
1988 Campbell Round 1 Detroit Red Wings (N1) N/A Toronto Maple Leafs (N4) N/A Detroit Red Wings 4-2
1988 Campbell Round 1 St Louis Blues (N2) N/A Chicago Blackhawks (N3) N/A St Louis Blues 4-1
1988 Campbell Round 1 Calgary Flames (S1) N/A Los Angeles Kings (S4) N/A Calgary Flames 4-1
1988 Campbell Round 1 Edmonton Oilers (S2) N/A Winnipeg Jets (S3) N/A Edmonton Oilers 4-1
1988 Wales Round 1 Montreal Canadiens (A1) N/A Hartford Whalers (A4) N/A Montreal Canadiens 4-2
1988 Wales Round 1 Boston Bruins (A2) N/A Buffalo Sabres (A3) N/A Boston Bruins 4-2
1988 Wales Round 1 New York Islanders (P1) N/A New Jersey Devils (P4) N/A New Jersey Devils 4-2
1988 Wales Round 1 Washington Capitals (P2) N/A Philadelphia Flyers (P3) N/A Washington Capitals 4-3